Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using testmonial therapy : debate among professionals in Varanasi

We have increase in war, bombing, increase in terrorist attacks, increase in genocide, torture and domestic violence. Violence at very grass root level increase. Women and child are tortures and we have seems what happening to the Human Race where is our peace. Peace of Gandhi is hidden and where is the peace which says. We see breakage in Human Values in code conduct.

The Question is how to bring back again bring a person to the normal level of thinking acting and feeling and how to rehabilitate, how to restore confidence in them in minimum expenditure and in a brief supportive ways. How to reach a common person who is most neglected tortured person of the society. How to give relief him of his trauma and how to tackle what is happening inside them. So, Dr. Inger Agger all ways from Denmark come to give her hopes to give us new method a new technique she work with a torture survivor and with the survivors of war which we cannot imagine

With this stimulating words Round Table discussion on “Using Testimony as a psychotherapeutic tool” starts on 25th September, 2008 in Diamond Hotel, Varanasi with the joint endeavor three organizations - Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC), People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), Varanasi and Rehabilitation and Research Council for Torture Victim (RCT), Denmark.

The main motive behind this discussion was to know the feedback from the psychologist and psychiatry nearby Varanasi district on using Testimonial as a psychotherapeutic tool in India.

Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi Trustee of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) hearty welcome participation in this round table discussion on behalf of above three organizations and she deliver her best wishes for the success of this discussion. She also briefly presents the Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Inger Agger. Program was moderated by Dr. Tulsi. The discussion starts with the traditional Indian spiritual style by lighting candle.

The discussion was chaired by Chief Guest Prof. K.C Gurnani M.D (Psychiatry) Head, Department of Psychiatry, S.N College Agra, Guest of honor Dr. Inger Agger consultant Rehabilitation and Research centre for the Torture Victim (RCT), Denmark, Dr. Sanjay Gupta HOD, Department of Psychiatry Institute of Medical Science, Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U), Dr. Tulsi President Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC), Varanasi and Dr. R.G Saxena Retired psychiatry Ranchi mental jail and Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi Director of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR).

Prof. K.C Gurnani, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. R.G Sharma blessed discussion with their best wishes. Other 41 renowned psychologist, psychiatry, Counselors and Human Rights defender from Uttar Pradesh marked their valuable presence in this discussion.

Dr. Inger Agger Consultant of RCT presents testimonial method as a healing process and advocacy through power point presentation. She elucidates on Testimony therapy, history of Testimonial method, RCT goal, Develop new knowledge, Testimony as a Brief Therapy Intervention” Beneficiaries of Testimony Method, Procedure of Testimony method varies in different contexts, Testimony procedure developed in UP 2008 Elements of Testimony Method in UP: 4 Sessions With justice as the entry point. Healing elements of Testimony Method Client barriers, PVCHR Community and Human Rights Work, Community healing rituals Involving the body, Further Perspectives and Challenges, Objectives of RCT Project.

Dr. Lenin Director of PVCHR presents the postive result after using Testimony Method in the work of his organization. Dr. Tulsi president of Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC) briefly presents the words of Dr. Inger Agger and Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and gave few strong point for stimulating this discussion. He says that violence, torture and terrorism have become global psycho- social and economic problems.

Floor was open for the discussion and the question arises in this round table discussion was entertained by Dr. Inger Agger and Dr. Lenin Raghvanshi. Few fact suggestions were tinted by the Psychologist and psychiatry and they saw main challenges in grass root movement which is based on psychiatry. There may be around 3,000 adequately qualified psychiatrists and 1000 clinical psychologist in the entire country of more than a billion populations. In U.P itselves there may only be less than 100 psychiatrists and 100 psychologists. The ratio of doctors is very less

Dr. Lenin presents memento to the renowned people chairing the desk and he gave thanks to the participants for making this discussion successful with their valuable comments and suggestion.
Dr. Tulsi culminates this program by giving vote of thanks and state Lets join hands together and make a better world for future race. He especially thanks to Dr. Inger Agger

 For bringing testimony therapy as therapeutic intervention for cases of psychological trauma.

 Interesting part of this therapy is that it has both Western element of Anger Management, Classical Conditioning and Eastern approach of relaxation methods and Meditation.

 It’s a cost effective model of psychotherapy which don’t require clinics or hospitals but, directly one can do this intervention at the doorsteps of the victim. For ex. His house, community, in a forest etc.

 The economic cost of the whole approach seems to be very less than regular psychotherapy session in a clinic or hospital.

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