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Police torture of a doctor and lawyer in Varanasi,India

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1. Honorable T. V. Rajeswar
Governor of Uttar Pradesh
Raj Bhavan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 522 222 3892
2. Mr. Justice Hemant Laxman Gokhale
Chief Justice Allahabad High Court
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
3. Ms. Mayawati
Chief Minister
Chief Minister's Secretariat
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 522 223 0002 / 223 9234
4. Secretary to the Government
Uttar Pradesh State Government
5th Floor – Lal Bahadur Sastri Bhavan
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
5. Inspector General of Police
Varanasi Zone
Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh
6. Mr. Vikram Singh
Director General of Police
1-Tilak Marg, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh
Fax: + 91 522 2206120, 2206174
7. Mr. Vijay Prakash
Senior Superintendent of Police
Varanasi, SSP Office, Kachahari, Uttar Pradesh
8.National Human Rights Commission,
Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi, PIN 110001 Tel.No. 23384012
Fax No. 23384863
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Date: Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Petition:Police torture of a doctor and lawyer in Varanasi,India

Greetings from PVCHR.
Please see the linkage this is beating by police of Police Station Cantt, Varanasi of India.

Dr. Amar Deep Gupta is permanent resident in S 11/24 in Chowkaghat under jurisdiction Jaitpura in Varanasi district. Dr. Amar Deep is living with his joint family in his forefather house he is running "Deep clinics" in one part of the house S 11/23 in chowkaghat since long time.

On 28th December, 2007 anti encroachment expedition came in after noon with out giving prior information start demolished the medical clinic of Dr. Amar Deep in which medicine and surgical instrument of lakhs Rupees were buried in the ground.

On 29th December, 2007 before demolishing Dr. Amar Deep Gupta and his younger brother advocate Ratan Deep Gupta show all original supportive document which prove the property of Dr. Amar Deep Gupta family.

When Dr. Amar Deep was showing paper to Circul Officer Chetganj Mr. Ashok Kumar Verma then some anti element throw stone and C.O gets injury on his face in reactionary work Station officer, C.O, city magistrate and other policeman present at that time brutally beat Dr. Amar deep Gupta and Ratan Deep Gupta with stick and but of the gun until both of them faint. Policeman arrest both Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Gupta.

After of the incidence wife of Dr. Amar Deep (Ms. Mamta) and Ratan Deep Gupta (Ms. Shikha) went to Jaitpura police station to know about her husband. Station in charge Hari Ram Maurya and other police officer start abusing with ugly word to both Mamta and Shikha. Police officer threat and start swinging stick to both women. From print media personnel both women came to know their husband is kept in Jaitpura police station.

Both women in police station saw Dr. Amar Deep Gupta was faint and Ratan Deep Gupta right leg broke and he was drenched with blood. Approximately at 1:30 pm Ratan Deep Gupta condition become critical due to bleeding and he was admitted to District hospital in Varanasi in police custody. Amar Deep Gupta also becomes serious and he was also admitted to District hospital at 9 pm in the night. On 29th December, 2007 this news was aired on the television.

Section that was filed by police officer against Dr. Amar Deep and Ratan Deep Gupta are 147/325/332/333/352/353/504/506 of Indian Penal code and cr. L A .A.

Both are suffering with psychologial problems.
Please take immediate action on it.

with warm regards,

Dr. Lenin (Ashoka Fellow and 2007 Gwanju Human Rights Awardee)
Please visit:

My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can loose our battle.. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality….
Dr. B.R.Ambedkar

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using testmonial therapy : debate among professionals in Varanasi

We have increase in war, bombing, increase in terrorist attacks, increase in genocide, torture and domestic violence. Violence at very grass root level increase. Women and child are tortures and we have seems what happening to the Human Race where is our peace. Peace of Gandhi is hidden and where is the peace which says. We see breakage in Human Values in code conduct.

The Question is how to bring back again bring a person to the normal level of thinking acting and feeling and how to rehabilitate, how to restore confidence in them in minimum expenditure and in a brief supportive ways. How to reach a common person who is most neglected tortured person of the society. How to give relief him of his trauma and how to tackle what is happening inside them. So, Dr. Inger Agger all ways from Denmark come to give her hopes to give us new method a new technique she work with a torture survivor and with the survivors of war which we cannot imagine

With this stimulating words Round Table discussion on “Using Testimony as a psychotherapeutic tool” starts on 25th September, 2008 in Diamond Hotel, Varanasi with the joint endeavor three organizations - Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC), People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), Varanasi and Rehabilitation and Research Council for Torture Victim (RCT), Denmark.

The main motive behind this discussion was to know the feedback from the psychologist and psychiatry nearby Varanasi district on using Testimonial as a psychotherapeutic tool in India.

Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi Trustee of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) hearty welcome participation in this round table discussion on behalf of above three organizations and she deliver her best wishes for the success of this discussion. She also briefly presents the Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Inger Agger. Program was moderated by Dr. Tulsi. The discussion starts with the traditional Indian spiritual style by lighting candle.

The discussion was chaired by Chief Guest Prof. K.C Gurnani M.D (Psychiatry) Head, Department of Psychiatry, S.N College Agra, Guest of honor Dr. Inger Agger consultant Rehabilitation and Research centre for the Torture Victim (RCT), Denmark, Dr. Sanjay Gupta HOD, Department of Psychiatry Institute of Medical Science, Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U), Dr. Tulsi President Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC), Varanasi and Dr. R.G Saxena Retired psychiatry Ranchi mental jail and Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi Director of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR).

Prof. K.C Gurnani, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. R.G Sharma blessed discussion with their best wishes. Other 41 renowned psychologist, psychiatry, Counselors and Human Rights defender from Uttar Pradesh marked their valuable presence in this discussion.

Dr. Inger Agger Consultant of RCT presents testimonial method as a healing process and advocacy through power point presentation. She elucidates on Testimony therapy, history of Testimonial method, RCT goal, Develop new knowledge, Testimony as a Brief Therapy Intervention” Beneficiaries of Testimony Method, Procedure of Testimony method varies in different contexts, Testimony procedure developed in UP 2008 Elements of Testimony Method in UP: 4 Sessions With justice as the entry point. Healing elements of Testimony Method Client barriers, PVCHR Community and Human Rights Work, Community healing rituals Involving the body, Further Perspectives and Challenges, Objectives of RCT Project.

Dr. Lenin Director of PVCHR presents the postive result after using Testimony Method in the work of his organization. Dr. Tulsi president of Deva International School for Child Care (DISCC) briefly presents the words of Dr. Inger Agger and Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi and gave few strong point for stimulating this discussion. He says that violence, torture and terrorism have become global psycho- social and economic problems.

Floor was open for the discussion and the question arises in this round table discussion was entertained by Dr. Inger Agger and Dr. Lenin Raghvanshi. Few fact suggestions were tinted by the Psychologist and psychiatry and they saw main challenges in grass root movement which is based on psychiatry. There may be around 3,000 adequately qualified psychiatrists and 1000 clinical psychologist in the entire country of more than a billion populations. In U.P itselves there may only be less than 100 psychiatrists and 100 psychologists. The ratio of doctors is very less

Dr. Lenin presents memento to the renowned people chairing the desk and he gave thanks to the participants for making this discussion successful with their valuable comments and suggestion.
Dr. Tulsi culminates this program by giving vote of thanks and state Lets join hands together and make a better world for future race. He especially thanks to Dr. Inger Agger

 For bringing testimony therapy as therapeutic intervention for cases of psychological trauma.

 Interesting part of this therapy is that it has both Western element of Anger Management, Classical Conditioning and Eastern approach of relaxation methods and Meditation.

 It’s a cost effective model of psychotherapy which don’t require clinics or hospitals but, directly one can do this intervention at the doorsteps of the victim. For ex. His house, community, in a forest etc.

 The economic cost of the whole approach seems to be very less than regular psychotherapy session in a clinic or hospital.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Breaking myth, impunity and silence

Breaking myth, impunity and silence
Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi 2/11/2008 11:40:09 PM(IST)

People’s Watch in league with the Friedrich Naumann Stifung, began the National Project on Preventing Torture in India (NPPT) in January, 2006 with a grant from the European Union under the EIDHR. This project is operationalizing in 47 districts of nine states of India namely Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Primary aim of the action is to initiate and to focus on torture focuses on torture practices routinely employed by Police. In this project we are mainly focusing especially upon safeguarding groups on the margins of Indian society, such as dalits, tribal groups, minorities, women and children.

The goal of this project is

Protecting potential victim of torture, particularly those belonging to vulnerable and marginalized communities.
Highlight individual cases of torture as they occurs
improving institutional responses to instances of torture by demanding state accountability
Advancing an ethics of responsibility and restraint among the law enforcement officers.
Educating and enlisting professional groups such as lawyers, social activist, doctors, psychiatrists, journalists and teachers in the campaign to prevent and eliminate torture
Raising public awareness of torture as an unlawful and wide spread abuse of police power
Promoting favourable policy outcomes in the form of new anti – torture legislation and commitment to existing international treaties.

The overall goal of this project is the prevention and reduction of torture in India, where police abuses remain an entrenched and often routine law enforcement strategy despite India’s status as the world’s largest democracy.

Project design reflects priorities set up by the European Commission’s EIDHR call for proposals- specifically, research on torture practice, and research on torture practices, legal supports for victims, awareness raising and legislative lobbying.

The project deal with frequent police practices like assault and physical abuse, custodial death, custodial rape, threat and psychological humiliation and deprivation of water, food, sleep and medical attention.

In the duration of two 2006- 2007, the project undertook 4425 fact- findings through district by district torture monitoring, providing the basis for 4215 targeted legal interventions performed by staff lawyers in each states.

In 2006 – 2007 the project conducted 171 state awareness conferences targeting a total of 15,568 participants from various professions implicated in the elimination of torture including lawyers, social activist, psychiatry, journalist and teachers.

Ultimately, one of the most enduring effects of the project was model that its sets for addressing issues of torture nationality. Recognizing that there are insufficient resources to stanch the practice of torture nationally, a key aspect of this approach is the “model taluk” in which monitoring and campaigning efforts will be intensely focused in one “taluk” (an administrative sub division of a district) in each states, with the goal of working towards the elimination of torture practices entirely. This model will create a paradigm for the prevention and elimination of torture on a much larger scale.

With the slogan “BREAKING MYTH, IMPUNITY AND SILENCE” People’s Tribunal on Torture was organized in respective nine states. Finally in the month of September National Tribunal on torture was organized in New Delhi with the selected cases from these nine states.

Lots of Human Rights tortured victim from survivor became bare foot worker and they are guiding others for the legal advocacy of their cases. The outcome research through the data collect through fact – finding clearly state that torture is a serious problem and to generate conviction of torture practices within a wider culture of rights, to improve enforcement of and adherence to existing constitutional guarantees, and to lobby for the UNCAT ratification and the stricter domestic laws in India’s parliament and individual state legislative assemblies.

With the ratification of UNCAT and domestic law we should also campaign and make pressure on policy maker to authorize and validate psychological mapping of the police torture victim as equal to medico – legal report. As lots of torture victim are suffering from psychological problems – Nightmares, Memories, Fear of going out, Self isolation, Panic attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal thoughts and Sleeping disorder.

One state used “Testimonial Therapy” with the support of a Danish based organization known as Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victim (RCT) under the guidance of psychologist Dr. Inger Agger. The cases for the Testimonial Therapy were selected from those 73 cases which were heeded in the people’s Tribunal. Now this Therapy is being used in different country like Sri Lanka etc.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Detail of Court Intervention

1- Case
High Court Case

Case Intimation no : Eu/up/vns/103/07
Case Name : Rajnath Vs State of U.P.
Petition No. : 14306/07
Court Name : High Court, Alld.
Police Station : Phoolpur, Vns
Victims Names : Rajnath, KashiNath, BalGovind,
Current Status : High Court ordered to respondence to file
Counter affidavit by the next date.
Case Summary

A dead body without head was seen near the Gutter of village Rajpur, P.S- Rampur, District- Jaunpur. This information was received by the village Chaukidar Mangarupal. He lodged a report in P.S Rampur, Jaunpur against unknown person on 11.04.04. During the investigation Mahendra Patel son of Mohan Patel Contacted to I.O and said his father was kidnapped by Ramesh, Bal govind and Rajnath. He also said that the dead body which was recovered near the Nala was the dead body of his father. He also submitted an affidavit to the I.O. the investigating officer has made accused to the applicant Rajnath, Bal govind, Ramesh, Kashinath and Harishchandra. The alledged accused Surrendered in the court and after lambushing in jail more than 1 month, They have been released by the session court ordered. The I.O has submitted the charge-sheet against the above accused.

That the applicant received information that the alleged deceased mohan patel alive and living in Pune. They caught Mohan Patel there and gave him in the custody of Pune’s Police. The Police produced the Mohan Patel before the CJM Jaunpur and there on 10.04.06. His statement was recorded in u/s 164 CrPc, in which Mohan Patel stated that he had come to Pune due to the conspiracy of Lalman. He also stated that the Accused person is innocent and they are falsely implicated. Thus 5-innocent person have been tortured and their right to live with dignity have been violated. Even after the statement of 164 CrPc they are regularly appearing in the court of Jaunpur CJM. This is again torture. The petition u/s 482 CrPC had been filed before the Allahabad High Court for quashing the Charge-Sheet.
: Not listed in high court.

- On 7/08/07 pending in the court of low. Next date fixed 19/11/07.
- On 19/11/07 the writ petition is the pending in the high court. Next date fix on month of July

2- Case

Case intimation No: EU/UP/VNS/237/07

Case Name : Vinay Kumar Singh Vs State of U.P. & other.
Court’s Name : In the High Court of judicature at Allahabad U.P.
Police Station : Cantt, Vns.
Victims Names : Vinay Kumar Singh
S/O – Raj Narayan Singh
R/O –Gautam Buddh Nagar colony, Pahadiya, Vns.
Police Station : Cantt, Vns.

Case Brief:

It is case of police torture. Police day- Night used to raid the house of the applicant Vinay Kumar. The police personals abused his family members and used to threaten dire consequence. it was impossible for applicant to live with family member.
Their Rights to live with dignity have been violated grossly by police personals.
Writ filed before the hon’ble High-Court Allahabad.
Notices have been issued to H.S (U.P), DIG, DM, and SSP.

Court Intervention: Writ petition No. 10177/07 has been filed in the High Court Allahabad U.P.

Court Order: Hon’ble High Court on 1/08/07 issued notice and directed to respondent to file affidavit.
- On 26/01/08 Affidavit filed by respondent through S.I. Next date fixed 25/02/08.
- On 25/02/08 Inspite of reminder the petitioner did not contact. Next date fixed 25/03/08.

Case No.-5

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/MZP/460/07

Case name : Bal Narayan Singh Vs State of UP & 6 others.
Court’s name : High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.
Writ Petition no: 51125/06
Police Station : Madihan, Mirzapur.
Under Section :
Victim name : Bal Narayan Singh
S/O- Jodhai Singh
R/O- Vill. & Post Hinauta, Madihan, Mirzapur.
D/occurrence : 15/05/06

Brief case history: S.O. Madihan called Bal Narayan Singh demand for money. He do not gave him money so they abused him, and his peon arrested for two days and also arrested Bal Narayan.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed in the court of High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.


1st Case

Case Intimation No. : EU/UP/VNS/03/06
Case name : Ali Hussain @ Toofani vs. Chandrakant Singh & others
Court case no : 69/07
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate I vns
Police Station : Phoolpur vns
Under section : 323/504/506 IPC
Victim’s name : Ali Hussain @ Toofani, P/o Kuwar Bazar Ps Phoolpur, Varanasi
Accused Name : 1. Chandrakant Singh, Sub-Inspector –Kathiraon, Ps Phoolpur
2. Constable Shashibushan Singh, Kathiraon Ps Phoolpur, Varanasi
Date of occurrence : 2.7.06
Brief case history : Ali Hussain @ Toofani 62 years old man was on his shop. On 2.7.06 about
3:30 Pm. Sub-Inspector Chandrakant Singh and Constable Shashibhushan Singh came and demanded money. When he refused then they beat him and abused. He was medically examined.
Court Intervention : 5.2.07 application sent to SSP Vns. 13.2.07
Complaint has been filed against the accused in Court. Case Adjourned on
29.3.07 next date is fixed 4.5.07.
Current status : On 4th May 2007 condolence occurred and Court Closed. Next date fixed 4th June 2007.
On 7-7-07 next date fixed 8-8-07 for the statement of Complainant u/s 200 CrPc.
On 8-08-07 Complainant examined u/s 200 CrPc.
Next date fixed for the stetmentt of witnesses.
On 10-09-07 N/dt fixed 16-10-07 for statement of PWs
On 16-10-07 No Witness statement at joined for next date 27-11-07
On 27-11-07 No witness at joined for next date 15-1-08
On 15-01-07 Next date fixed for the statement u/s 202 CrPc.
- Next date is fixed 26/03/08.
On 26/03/08 no witness present next date 23/04/08.
On 23/04/08 no witness present case adjourned for 21/05/08.
On 21/05/08 Complainant not present. Next date fixed on 19/07/08.
On 19/07/08 strike in the court. Case adjourned for 13/08/08.

2nd case

Case Intimation No. : Eu|up|vns|195|07.

Case name : Smt. Hirawati Vs Kallo & others
Court case no : 84/07
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate (I) vns
Police Station : Phoolpur vns
Under section : 147/149/323/427/504/506 IPC
Victim’s name : Smt. Hirawati w/o Siyaram , Village Basantpur Ps Phoolpur, Varanasi
Accused Name : Station house officer, Phoolpur, Varanasi & 9 others.
Date of occurrence : 17.2.07

Brief case history : on 17.2.07 about 3:00 Pm. S.O. Phoolpur case, along with person Kalloo
and others at the door of the complainant Smt Hirawati Devi and abused
and threatened her. They also demolished the wall of Smt. Hirawati.
Court Intervention : On 20.2.07 application sent to SSP Varanasi.
On 1.3.07 complaint has been filed in the court against the police and others. On 30.3.07 Smt Hirawati has been examined in court 4/3 200 CrPc. next date is fixed 23.4.07.

Current Status : Last date was 15th May 2007. Next date 2nd July 2007 Fixed for the
statements of witness under Section 202 CrPc On 18-7-07 next date fixed 1- 08-07 for statement For order.
On 8-8-07 relevant papers filed.
On 14-08 -07 Arguments completed, Case reserved, for Order.
On 3-09-07 the complaint has been dismissed in U/S 203 CrPC by the
Judicial Magistrate (I) VNS. Application of Certified copy of order has been filed for filing revision before sessions Judge.

On 3/09/07 Complainant has been dismissed by JM (I).

On 25/10/07 Revision has been filed against the order of JM (I).
The Judicial Magistrate (I) has dismissed the Complain u/s 203 CrPc against the S.O phoolpur. Revision has been filed on 25/10/07 in the Court of District and Sessions Judge, Vns. The Revision has been admitted and 19/11/07 has been fixed for final argument.
Revision No : 492/07. 19-11-07 record summoned from the lower court.27-11-07 strike in
the court. Case at joined for 6-12-07.
Next date 7-01-08 is fixed for argument.
Next date is fixed 07-02-08.
- 16/02/08 revision no. 492/07, on 16/02/08 revision allowed. The lower court
Is directed to reconsider the summoning order.
Next date is fixed 5/08/08.
- Next date is fixed01/09/08.

3rd case

Case Intimation No. : Eu|up|vns|107|07
Case name : Smt. Prema Pandey Vs Shiva Singh & others.
Court case no : 409/07
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate II vns
Police Station : Shivpur, vns
Under section : 323/504/506 IPC. 452
Victim’s name : Smt. Prema Pandey, R/o Chandmani Ps Shivpur, Varanasi
Accused Name : J.P. Singh constable Chandmari Chauki, Vns.
Sub-Inspector Shivpur Chauki Chandmari Vns.
D/occurrence : 17.1.07.

Brief case history : Smt. Prema Pandey is a widow. Accused Shiva Singh and Others along
With sub-Inspector and constable and others entered into the house of Smt
Prema Pandey and beat, tortured and abused her.
Court Intervention : 14.2.07 complaint has been filed against police. Sub-Inspector and
Constable and others. Case registered and date fixed for the statement 4/3
200 Cr.Pc. for 21.3.07. On date fixed 24.4.07 for statement.
Current Status : On last date 23rd May 2007 adjournment application filed. Next date is
Fixed 13th June 2007.
On 18-7-07 next date is fixed for statement of the Complainant u/s 200 CrPc.
On 1-08-07 Client not came. Case adjourned for 30-9-07 for Statement of
Complaint u/s 200 CrPc.
Next date fixed 2-11-07 for statement of the complaint U/S 200 CrPc.
2-11-07 complainant not present adjournment filed. Next date is fixed 15-12-07
- Complainant not present case adjourned for 16-01-08.
- On 16/01/08 Complainant not present case adjourned for 1/04/08.
- On 1/04/08 Complainant not present.
- On 22/04/08 Complainant not present. It is inform that some one has killed
Prema Pandey. Application moved in the court for summoning the death
Report of the complainant. Next date fixed 27/06/08.
- On 27/06/08 Complaint dismiss.

4th Cas
Case Intimation No. : Eu|up|vns|60|06

Case name : Harish Chand @ Bothu Vs Sub- Inspector Virender Kumar Mishra & others
Court case no : 253/03
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate II vns
Police Station : Badagaon, Varanasi
Under section : 323/325/504 IPC 3 (1) (x) SC/ST Act.
Victim’s name : Harish Chand @ Bothu S/o Late Salikram R/o Bhelkha Ps Badagaon, Varanasi.
Accused Name : 1. Sub Inspector Harahua Chauki, Virender Kumar Mishra. Ps Phoolpur, Varanasi.
2. Constable Amar Singh yadav Chauki Harahua, PS- Badagaon, Varanasi.
Date of occurrence : On 25.3.2002.

Brief case history: On 25.3.2002 in evening complainant Harish Chand @ Bothu was on the way. Sub-Inspector Virender Mishra and Constable Amar Singh Came on a motor cycle. They stopped him and began to abuse him they beat Harish Chand badly. His left leg bone was broker. He was medically examined.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed against the police personals. They have been summoned by the court. Summons have been Issued for their appearance. On 24.11.07 we appealed on behalf of the complainant and filed Vakalatnama. Case adjourned for 9.2.07 for appearance 27.3.07 summons issued for appearance through S.P. next case is fixed 27.4.07 for appearance of accused.

Current Status : Process issued against the accused. Next date is fixed
28th June2007.
On 23-07-07 next date fixed for appearance Accuse.
On 9-08-07 order for appearance of accused.
On 27-8-07 Accused not appeared, process issued.
Next date fixed 15.09.07.
On 25/10/07 Process issued against S.I Virendra Mishra.
Process issued against accused. Next date is fixed 20-12-07.
- On 20-12-07 process issued against accused, next date is fixed 16-01-08.
- Next date is fixed 25-02-08.
- Next date is fixed 30-04-08.
- On 30/04/08 Processes issued. Next date fixed 21/05/08.
- On 21/05/08 No appearance of the accused. Process issued. Next date fixed
- On 8/07/08 case moved 7th MM. Next date fixed 4/08/08.
- On 4/08/08 process application filed. Next date fixed 3/09/08.

5th Case

Name of the case: Smt. Rabari Vs Prem Shankar Rai, Constable –Karauta, P.S-Lohta, vns

Case No : EU/UP/VNS/01/06

Court’s Name : Judicial Magistrate (I), VNS
Under Section : 354,378,511 IPC 3(1) (xi) Sc/St Act.
Police station : Lohata, Varanasi
Victim’s Name : Shrimati Rabari w/o Pappu Dharkar, age about 30 yrs,
Vill-Karauta Bazaar, P.S- Lohata at Present Narayanpur,
P.S- Dalhat, Dist- Jaunpur.
Accuse Name : Prem Shankar Rai, Constable Picket duty, Karauta, P.S-Lohata,
District- Varanasi.
Date of occurrence: 28/29, June 2006, time- 12:30 a.m.

Brief case History: The applicant Smt. Rabri was sleeping in her hut. In the mid of night accuse Prem Shankar Rai (Constable) entered in her hut and molested her, and attempt to rape her. FIR was not lodged against the accused constable.

Court intervention : Application Under Section 156(3) CrPc has been moved in the court of Judicial Magistrate (I), Varanasi on 18th May 2007. The report has been summoned from the police station Lohta.

Current status : On 24-7-07 Report submitted by police in the court.
Next date 2-8-07 fixed for argument.
: On 7-08-07 – Court order for lodging FIR and
Investigation Final.

: On the direction of JM (I) on 8-08-07 FIR has been
Lodged against the accused in Crime No- 130/07.
Investigation is in progress.
: Case is pending.
: On 24/03/08 Case adjourned for 9/04/08.
: On 9/04/08 Summon issued to the accused. Next date fixed for 30/04/08.
: On 30/04/08 Summon issued to the accused. Next date fixed for 15/05/08.
: On 15/05/08 No court. Next date fixed for 23/05/08.
On 23/05/08 Accused appeared and file the bail application. He surrendered in
The court. He was granted bail from the Special Judge Sc/St act Varanasi. On
Furnishing sureties of Rs. 40,000.
- On 30/05/08 case adjourned for 16/06/08 for committal.
- On 14/06/08 no court accused appeared. Next date is fixed 30/06/08 for
- Next date fixed 5/08/08.
- On 5/08/08 file committed to the District Judge Varanasi.

6th Case
Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|vns|108|07

Case name : Santosh Patel vs. Srijan yadav.
Court case no : 57/07
Court’s name : JM-I Varanasi.
Police Station : Phoolpur, vns
Under section : 323,504,506 IPC
Victim’s name : Santosh Patel
R/o Village-Manapur, Post- Pindra, Thanna-Phoolpur,
D/occurrence : 02-02-07

Brief case History: The incident occurred when victim was returning from Pindra vegetable market after selling his vegetables. Accused Raju yadav and Srijan yadav stopped him and beat him badly, they also threatened the victim.
When victim went to Phoolpur police station to file his complain, S.I Suryavansh Pandey refused to register any complain.
Court intervention: Application under section 323,504,506 IPC has been filed in the court.

7th Case

Name of the case :State vs. Pintu Sharma Alias Akhilesh Sharma
Case No : EU/UP/VNS/569 /07
Court’s Name : Judicial Magistrate (II), VNS
Under Section : 54 CrPc
Police Station : Maduadiha, Varanasi
Victim’s Name : Pintu Sharma Alias Akhilesh Sharma s/o Ganesh Sharma.R/o Manash Nagar Colony,
Phulwaria, Cantt.

Brief case History: The Police Personnel torture and beat Pintu Sharma and falsely implicated him in a
Theft case.
Court intervention: Application Under Section 54 CrPc has been moved in the court for medical
Examination on 23/10/07.
Court order to the Jail Authority for medical Examination of the Victim Pintu Sharma.

8th Case

Name of the case : State vs. Mao Raghuvanshi
Case No : EU/UP/VNS/570/07
Court’s Name : Judicial Magistrate (II), VNS.
Under Section : 54 CrPc.
Police station : Cantt.
Victim’s Name : Mao Raghuvanshi.

Brief case History: The Police Personnel torture and beat Mao Raghuvanshi and falsely implicated him in
a theft case.

Court intervention: Application Under Section 54 CrPc has been moved in the court for Medical
Examination on 15/10/07.

Current status : Case is filed in Court.

9th Case

Case Intimation No : Eu|up|vns| 521 |07
Case name : Bhageran Vs Shiva nand Mishra.
Court case no : 1511/07
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate III vns
Police Station : Maruadih, vns
Under section : 342/323/504/506 IPC.
Victim’s name : Bhageran Mahato S/o Adalat Mahato, R/o new colony Kakarmatta, Varanasi
Police Station : Bhelupur vns.
Accused Name : Shivanand Mishra SHO Maruadih, Vns.
Sub-Inspector Shivpur Chauki Chandmani Vns.
D/occurrence : 8.10.07 at 7pm.
P/ occurrence : Maruadih in the campus of police station.

Brief case history : On 8/10/07 at 7pm some police personal come at the shop of the Complainant and took
Him in to the police station campus. The SHO and the other constable have beaten him
Brutality. They inflicted injuries to the Bhageran. He wrong fully confined there.
Bhageran was medically examined.
Court Intervention : On 12/11/07 complaint has been filed in the court, 15/12/07 date is fixed for the
Statement Vs 200 CrPc.

Current status : Complainant appeared case adjourned for 31-01-08 for the statement V/S
200 CrPc.
: Complainant has been threatened by the police. They are making pressure
Upon him to withdraw the case. Application has been given to SSP
Varanasi on 26-12-07.
- Next date is fixed 01/03/08.
- On 01/03/08 Statement of the complainant U/S 200 CrPc has been recorded.
Next date fixed 18/03/08.
- On 18/03/08 No witness present. Case adjourned for 2/05/08.
- On 2/05/08 No witness present adjournment filed . inform to DHRM next
Date fixed 7/06/08.

- On 7/06/08 PW1 Smt. Kanti Devi examined. Next date fixed 18/07/08 for
202 CrPc.
- On 18/07/08 strike in the court .Case adjourned for 5/08/08.
- On 5/08/08 PW2 examined. Next date fixed 20/08/08.

10th Case

Case Intimation No: Eu|up|vns| 516|07
Case name : Jagjeewan Singh Vs 1- Prem Lal Constable
2- Prasiddan Deewan Constable,
Court case no :
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate Sonbhadra
Police Station : Rabartsganj, Sonbhadra.
Under section : 323/342/504/506 IPC.
Victim’s name : Jagjeewan Singh
S/o-Bhulan Singh
Add.- Vill- Heenauti,
Police Station - Rabartsganj, Sonbhadra.
Accused Name : 1- Prem Lal Constable
2- Prasiddan Deewan Constable.
Police Station- Rabartsganj, Sonbhadra.
D/ occurrence : 27.04.07 at 11:00am.
P/ occurrence : Police Station- Rabartsganj, Sonbhadra.

Brief case history : On 27-04-07 in meet day S.I. Prem Lal and other beat and abused the petitioner Jagjeewan Singh and wrongfully confined him.

Court Intervention: Complaint filed in the court CJM Sonbhadra by his private counsel. Follow up the case.
On 30-04-07.Talbana filed on 15-05-07.
Case is pending.

11th Case

Case Intimation No: Eu|up|vns| 664|07

Case name : Banshi Rajbhar Vs 1-Indrajeet Constable.
2-Rajendra Sharma Constable.
Court case no : 111 6/08
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate III vns
Police Station : Maruadih, vns
Under section : 337/338 IPC.
Victim’s name : Banshi Rajbhar
S/o-Ramdhani Rajbhar
Add.-Vill- Puari Khurd.
Police Station - Badagaon,Varanasi
Accused Name : 1-Indrajeet Constable.
2-Rajendra Sharma Constable,
Tiger mobile group (Dasta)
Add.- Chandpur Chauraha
Police Station- Maruadih, vns.
D/ occurrence : 03.11.07 at 6:30am.
P/ occurrence : Maruadih Chandpur Chauraha near sweet shop.

Brief case history : On 3/11/07 at 6:30am Banshi Rajbhar was present at crossing of Chandpur, Maruadih in morning 6:30 am two police man were quarreling for the distribution of illegal money suddenly one of them fired and the victim Banshi Rajbhar got injured.

Court Intervention: Application U/S 156 (3) CrPc was filed against the police constables. The report from police was filed
That in crime no. 384/07 has been registered and the charge sheet has been filed in the court but in report submitted by the police about the victim Banshi Rajbhar was nothing mention hence the complaint has been filed in the court on 18/03/08.

- On 2/04/08 date was fixed for statement. Case adjourned for 22/04/08.
- On 22/04/08 Complainant not present. Case adjourned for 26/05/08.
- On 26/05/08 Complainant not present. Case adjourned for 30/06/08.
- On 30/06/08 Complainant not present. Case adjourned for 15/07/08
- On 15/07/08 Complainant not present. Case adjourned for 17/08/08.

13th Case

Case Intimation No.: EU|UP|MZP|322|07

Case name : Anand Kumar Panday Vs 1-Pankaj Kumar
Sub Inspector (ALD)
2- Pradeep Pal
Sub Inspector (ALD)

Crime no. : 295C-1/07
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate Allahabad.
Police Station : Karnalganj, Allahabad.
Under section : 363/364/302/342/201 IPC.
Deceased name : Babbu @ Amit Kumar Panday .
S/o Awadhesh Kumar
R/o Narghat, Mirzapur.
Accused Name : 1-Pankaj Kumar
Sub Inspector (ALD)
2- Pradeep Pal
Sub Inspector (ALD)
D/occurrence : 11/12-05-06.
P/ occurrence : Karnalganj, Allahabad.

Brief case history : The police personals took away Amit Kumar Panday @ Babbu killed him in police encounter.
Court Intervention : Session Judge ALD rejected the revision of accused on 10/07/07.On application filed by his counsel U/S-156(3) CrPc. Court ordered for lodging the FIR. The case has been registered.
- Case is pending.

19th Case

Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|sonb|515|07

Case name : Satendra Vs Irfan & other.
Court’s name : Special CJM- Varanasi.
Police Station : Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.
Under section : 395/397 IPC.
Victim’s name : Satendra Maurya
S/o Ram saran Maurya
R/o Warimaheva, Sonbhadra.
Police Station : Karma, SONB.
Accused Name : Irfan & other.
Add. Police Station- Kotwali, SONB.
D/occurrence : 27/04/07 at 10:30am
P/ occurrence: Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.
Brief case history : On 27/04/07 at 10:30 am when the informant was going by Marshal Zeep. When reached near Shahganj accused and a constable Irfan and others stopped him and tortured him. They beat him and threatened him to implicate him in false case.

Court Intervention : Application u/s 156(3) CrPc. has been filed in the court CJM Sonbhadra by his counsel. Follow up the case.

20th Case

Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|sonb|517|07

Case name : Lal Chandra @ Kallu Vs 1-Constable Suresh Babu .
2- Constable Irfan Khan
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate- Sonbhadra
Police Station : Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.
Under section : 323/504/506/384/307 IPC.
Victim’s name : Lal Chandra @ Kallu
S/o Ramdulare
R/o Vill-Barkara, Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.
Police Station : Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.
Accused Name : 1-Constable Suresh Babu.
2- Constable Irfan Khan
Add. Police Station- Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.

D/occurrence : 05/09/07 at 06:30 pm.
P/ occurrence: Rabartsganj. Sonbhadra.

Brief case history : On 05/09/07 at 06:30 pm.constable Irfan and others tortured and beat complainant Lal Chandra. He was medically examined 11/09/07.

Court Intervention : complaint has been filed in the court of CJM Sonbhadra by his counsel. Follow up the case.

21th Case

Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|sonb|614|07

Case name : Rampyare Vs 1-Constable Mohd.Israil Khan
2- Constable Mohd. Taukir Khan
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate- Sonbhadra
Police Station : Babhani, Sonbhadra.
Under section : 323/504/506/120 IPC.
Victim’s name : Rampyare
S/o Manik Chand
R/o Babhani, Sonbhadra.
Police Station : Babhani, Sonbhadra.
Accused Nam : 1-Constable Mohd.Isarail Khan
2- Constable Mohd. Taukir Khan
Add. Police Station- Babhani, Sonbhadra.
D/occurrence : 20/09/07 at 11:30 am.
P/ occurrence : Babhani, Sonbhadra.

Brief case history : On 20/09/07 at 11:30 am. When Rampyare complainant was going in the market near Hanuman Temple. Constable Mohd. Israil and constable Taukir Khan along with other accused tortured and beat him. They abused him took away to police station Sonbhadra.

Court Intervention : complaint has been filed by his counsel on 4/10/07.
: Case is pending in the court.

22th Case

Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|sonb|612|07

Case name : Amit Kumar Vs Sudhir Mishra (S.O.) & other Constable.
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate- Sonbhadra
Police Station : Pannuganj, Sonbhadra.
Under section : 323/325/504/506/452/379 IPC.
Victim’s name : Amit Kumar
S/o Lalmani
R/o Ramgadh, Sonbhadra.
Police Station : Pannuganj, Sonbhadra.
Accused Nam : Sudhir Mishra (S.O.) & other Constable.
Add. Police Station- Pannuganj, Sonbhadra.
D/occurrence : 21/10/07 at 07:30 pm.
P/ occurrence : Pannuganj, Sonbhadra.

Brief case history : On 21/10/07 at 07:30 pm SO Pannuganj, Sonbhadra Sudhir Mishra and two others entered into the shop of the Amit and tortured him. They beat Amit Kumar and abused. Amit Kumar medically examined on 22/10/07.

Court Intervention : complaint in the court of CJM Sonbhadra has been filed by his counsel. The case is pending. Follow up the case.

24th Case
Case Intimation No.: Eu|up|vns|297|07

Case name : Anjani Kumar Vs Ravi Prakash Dubey & others.
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate-I, Varanasi.
Case No. :
Police Station : Phoolpur, Varanasi.
Under section : 382/342/120 B IPC.
Victim’s name : Anjani Kumar Chaubey
S/o Chhvinath Chaubey
R/o- Vill- Vikrampur, Phoolpur,Varanasi.
Police Station : Phoolpur, Varanasi.
Accused Name : Ravi Prakash Dubey & others
Add- : Phoolpur, Varanasi
Police Station : Phoolpur, Varanasi
D/occurrence : 9/03/07
P/ occurrence : Barsethi, Jaunpur.

Brief case history : The applicant was the owner of the Marshal Zeep. The police of Jaunpur police station Barshethi took away the zeep and after some days it was handed over to the Ravi Prakash Dubey and other. The police officer wrongfully confined him and abused. Anjani Kumar Chaubey was tortured by police.

Court Intervention : on 12/06/07 Judicial Magistrate –I passed the order U/S 156(3) CrPc to register the case and investigate. FIR in crime no. 253/07 has been lodged. Investigation is pending.

Case No.-28

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/SONB/49/06

Case name : Meera Devi Vs B.K. Singh (S.O.)
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate Sonbhadra.
Case No. :
Police Station : Karma, Sonbhadra.
Under section : 342, 343, 357 IPC.
Victim’s name : Meera Devi
W/O- Rajendra Nath Singh
R/O- Imalipur, Karma, Sonbhadra.
Accused Name : B.K. Singh (S.O.)
Police Station : Karma, Sonbhadra.
D/occurrence : 26/09/06 at 1:00pm
Brief case history: On 26/09/06 at 1:00pm when Meera Devi’s husband Shri Rajendra Nath Singh was on his threshold S.O. Karma, Sonbhadra. Mr. B.K. Singh and other police personals come there and began to abused him. They took him to police station and they beat him.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed by Smt. Meera Devi in the court of CJM- Sonbhadra.

Case No.-29

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/SONB/04/06

Case name : Rama Shankar Kushwaha Vs S.I. R.K. Rastogi.
Court’s name : Chief Judicial Magistrate- Sonbhadra.
Case No. :
Police Station : Raipur, Sonbhadra.
Under section : 147, 148, 149, 323, 452, 459, 504, 506, 427 IPC.
Victim’s name : Rama Shankar Kushwaha
S/O- Buddhu Kushwaha
R/O- Raipur, Distt- Sonbhadra.
Accused Name : S.I. R.K. Rastogi.
Police Station : Raipur, Sonbhadra.
D/occurrence : 14/05/06 at 12:30pm.

Brief case history: 0n 14 May 06 at 12:30 pm Rama Sankar Kushwaha was going on a tractor loaded with khaparail, in the way two drunken police constables Sanjay Singh and Jai shankar singh saw him and demanded 200 rupees without any cause, victim denied to do so was beaten by them. Later in the night S.I. Mr. R.K.Rastogi and others went to Raipur basti beaten the villagers who were witness in the above incident and threatened them.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed by Rama Sankar Kushwaha in the court of CJM- Sonbhadra U/S- 156(3) CrPc for lodging FIR.

Case No.-30

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/CHND/538/07

Case name : Satendra Yadav Vs S.K. Singh (Sub Inspector)
Court’s name : Judicial Magistrate II Chandauli.
Case No. : 103, 2007
Police Station : Balua, Chandauli.
Under section : 323,325, 504, 506 IPC.
Victim’s name : Satendra Yadav
S/O- Babunandan Yadav
R/O-. Balua, Chandauli.
Accused Name : S.K. Singh (Sub Inspector)
Police Station : Balua, Chandauli.
D/occurrence : 28/08/07 at 5:15pm.

Brief case history: On 28/08/07 at 5:15pm Mr. S.K. Singh In charge police out post come and asked about the shop of Sanjay Sonkar and Satendra informed through hand with out speak with mouth. S.K. Singh become angry and abused him and beat very badly by stick. When he received consciousness then they brought to police station. After threatening, they release him.
Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed in the court of JM-II Chandauli.

Case No.-31

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/MZP/116/07

Case name : Kuddus Khan Vs Sohel Constable & others
Court’s name :
Case No. : 35/07
Police Station : Kotawali, Mirzapur.
Under section : 302 IPC.
Victim’s name : Kuddus Khan
S/O- Shakur Khan
R/O- Amanganj, Kotawali, Mirzapur.
Accused Name : Sohel Constable & others
Police Station : Laldiggi, Mirzapur.
D/occurrence : 26/01/07

Brief case history: On 26 January, 07 at 1:30pm Raju S/O kuddus khan returned after bathing in Ganga River at Narghat. Police of Kotwali and Laldiggi was with stick was tracing other people near Sekhsariya factory. In the fear of police Raju start running and fall in the well and died, and many other people were injured.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed by Kuddus Khan U/S-302 IPC.

Case No.-32

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/MZP/214/07

Case name : Heera Lal Jaysawal Vs State
Court’s name : CJM- Mirzapur
Case No. : 167/ 2007
Police Station : Kotawali Dehat, Mirzapur.
Under section : 498A, 304B IPC & ¾ D.PACT.
Deceased name : Shri Ram Jaysawal
S/O- Heera Lal Jaysawal
R/O- Vill- Gopalpur, Mirzapur.
D/occurrence : 26/03/07

Brief case history: On 21st August 2007 Shri Ram Jaisawal wife did suicide by burning herself at small matter of dispute. In mean while he went to inform police. He was detained as a victim of dowry case. In police custody he was tortured with various types. Shri Ram Jaisawal fall ill and his brother Heera Lal gave letter to prison authorities but due to the negligence Shri Ram Jaisawal lost his life.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed by Shri Heera Lal in the court of Senior Judge Court Mirzapur.

Case No.-33

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/MZP/618/07

Case name : Tulsi Yadav Vs Ram Naresh and others
Court’s name : Judge Junior Division in Civil Court, Mirzapur.
Case No. : 693/ 2007
Police Station: Chilha, Mirzapur.
Under section:
Victim’s name : Tulsi Yadav
S/O- Jagarnath
R/O- Mavaia, Sadar, Mirzapur.
D/occurrence : 12/11/07

Brief case history: On 12 November, 2007 at 10:00am in the morning Shri Tulsi Yadav and his family was engage in preparing for the thatched roof on old wall. In mean while police chouki incharge and S.O. Of Chilha come with force and took every body of his family. In his custody in police station. They were brutally beaten by police.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed by Shri Tulsi Ram in the court of Judge Junior Division in Civil Court, Mirzapur.

Case No.-34

Case Intimation No.: EU/UP/MZP/351/07

Case name : Mahendra Vs Munnu & others
Court’s name : CJM- Mirzapur
Case No. :
Police Station : Madihan, Mirzapur.
Under section : 406, 392 IPC.
Victim name : Mahendra
S/O- Shri Bhola
R/O- Kanchanpur, Madihan, Mirzapur.
D/occurrence : 24/01/07 at 3:00pm.

Brief case history: On the rent, the Bhuwar’s tractor brought by Munnu Patel. There were seven peoples to beat the tractor driver & his brother. When Bhuwar went to police station for complain, but his complain do not registered and the police personnel torture and beat Bhuwar.

Court Intervention : Complaint has been filed in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Mirzapur.

Case No.-35

Case Intimation No. : EU/UP/VNS/526/07

Case name : Naresh Gupta Vs Arvind Yadav
Court’s name : CJM-III Varanasi.
Case No. : 2806/06
Police Station : Lahartara, Varanasi.
Under Section : 302,120 IPC.
Victim name : Naresh Gupta
S/O- Babu Lal Gupta
R/O- H. No. D-65/59 Lahartara, Varanasi.
D/occurrence : On 12/03/07 at 2:00 pm.

Brief case history: On 11th March, 2007 police threat Naresh to involve in fake case of Lakshman Seth murder and on 12th March, 2007 he was taken in police custody and beaten up very badly.

Court Intervention : Case is filed in the court of CJM III Varanasi. Case no. 286/06.
On 2/08/08 revision disallowed.

Case No.-36

Case Intimation No. : EU/UP/SONB/448/07

Case name : Mahesha Devi Vs 1- Ramdayal Chauhan (SO)
2- R.K. Yadav (CISF Constable) & others.
Court’s name : CJM Sonbhadra.
Case No. : 3494/07
Police Station : Anpra, Sonbhadra.
Under Section : 323,504,506,394,427,354 IPC.
Victim name : Mahesha Devi
W/O- Basu Singh Yadav
R/O- S-II 70 CISF Colony, Anpra, Sonbhadra.
D/occurrence : On 1/08/07 at 7:00 pm.

Brief case history: On 1/08/07 at 7:00pm police personals Ramdayal Chauhan and others come at the house of the victim Mahesha Devi and there they abused and beat her. She filed a complaint in the court of CJM Sonbhadra.

Court Intervention : Case is filed in the court of CJM Sonbhadra U/S 323,504,506,394,427,354 IPC.

Case No.-38

Intimation No. : EU/UP/ALD/444 /07

Case name : Umakant Yadav Vs Smt Durga (S.O.) Mahila Thana & two other constables.
Court’s name : CJM Allahabad.
Crime No. : 222/07
Police Station : Civil line, Allahabad.
Under Section : 406,342,392,323,504,506 IPC.
Victim name : Umakant Yadav
SO- Shivnarayan Yadav
R/O- Chaman Ganj, Jhunsi, Allahabad.
Accused Name : Smt Durga (S.O.) Mahila Thana & two other constables.
Police Station : Civil line, Allahabad.
D/occurrence : On 9/05/08.

Brief case history: On 9/05/04 S.O. Mahila Thana Allahabad had called the informant Umakant Yadav and there he was beaten by S.O. Mahila Thana and Mahila constables. He was wrongfully confined.
Court Intervention : application u/s 156(3) CrPc has been filed by the applicant Umakant Yadav. His application has been rejected by the court. Revision has been file against the order and latter. Revision allowed on 9/08/07 the CJM Allahabad has finale ordered for lodging FIR. FIR has been lodged in police station against the S.O. Mahila Thana and constables in u/s 406,342,392,323,504,506 IPC.

Case No.-39
Intimation No. : EU/UP/ALD/420 /07

Case name : Ravi Singh Vs Dinesh Pandy (S.O.)
Court’s name : CJM Allahabad.
Case No. :
Police Station : Shankargadh, Allahabad.
Under Section : 452,323,504,506,392,427 IPC.
Victim name : Ravi Singh
S/O- Bodi Singh
R/O- Sindhitola, Shankargadh, Allahabad.
Accused Name : Dinesh Pandy (S.O.) and others.
Police Station : Shankargadh, Allahabad.
D/occurrence : on 14/08/07 at 5:00pm.

Brief case history: On 14/08/07 at 5:00pm S.O. Dinesh Pandy took away Mr. Ravi Singh to the police station Shankargadh Allahabad and other they beat and abused. He has been challaned u/s 107,116 CrPc after getting bail he was medically examined.
Court Intervention : Ravi Singh has filed an application u/s 156(3) CrPc against S.O. shankargadh, Allahabad.

Case No.-40
Intimation No. : EU/UP/ALD/576 /07

Case name : Sunil Kumar Vs 1- Lallan Yadav Police constable
2- Sukhraj Police constable
Court’s name :
Case No. : C-2/06
Police Station : Tharwai, Allahabad.
Under Section : 323,324,504,506,302,338 IPC.
Victim name : Sunil Kumar
S/O- Harilal
R/O- vill- Bankat, PS- Soraon, Allahabad.
Accused Name : 1- Lallan Yadav Police constable
2- Sukhraj Police constable
Police Station : Tharwai, Allahabad.
D/occurrence : 3/01/06

Brief case history: On 3/01/06 at 6:30pm two police constable of the police station Tharwai, Allahabad stopped the victim Sunil Kumar and began to abuse with derogatory remarks. When he apposed it they began to beat took him to the police station.
Court Intervention : Application u/s 156(3) CrPc has been filed in the court. By the court order in crime no. C-2/06 FIR has been lodged. In the Judicature High Court, Allahabad writ is pending.

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